Inés Momodu-Herrero

Inreach Officer

Hi! I'm Inés, a second year Biochemist, and I'm this year's Inreach Officer! This is a brand new role to our JCR Committee for 2021/22 which means I'm still defining it as the year progresses. The role of Inreach Officer is to ensure that all students from "non-traditional" Oxford backgrounds feel happy, comfortable, and welcome here at New College and in the wider Oxford community, through social events, financial help, and welfare support. I organise events - like Inreach Drinks and Teas - to help foster a stronger Access Community within College, assist students with navigating applications for hardship funding from College, ensure College events are as economically accessible as feasibly possible, and talk to students about anything related to being from a low-income, state comprehensive educated, working class, estranged, Young Carer, care leaver, underrepresented region of the UK, etc. Please feel free to message me if you have any questions!

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