COVID-19 Information

Both the College and the JCR Committee are committed to making sure your student experience is as normal and enjoyable as possible whilst ensuring government guidance on coronavirus is followed. Below is everything we currently know about College life for Michaelmas term, however this remains highly dependent on government restrictions and could be subject to change. We hope all the restrictions will have been lifted by the start of term, but if they're not we have procedures to support and protect you.
Key things that you may be asked to do are:

  • Wear a face covering inside College buildings
  • Keep a safe distance when queuing for meals in the food Hall
  • Keep a safe distance when sitting in College spaces (the Hall, the Library, the Cafe...)

You may also be grouped into small households to avoid lots of people having to isolate if someone tests positive. There will continue to be hand sanitiser stations around College which we really encour­age you to use. For more information, please check the University's and College's Covid-19 Links on this webpage:


We plan to have a normal academic year without COVID restrictions, but will be bound by Government guidance at the start of term. All events, teaching, and socialising will be subject to possible restrictions, and tutorials will likely be a mixture of online and in person depending on what's possible at the time.

Self-Isolation and Household Groups: If you develop symptoms of the virus, you will need to get a test within 48 hours and self-isolate. If you do need to self-isolate, College will provide you with a 'wraparound' care package to make sure you have access to everything you need. This will include meals delivered to your room, and other general care. If you've been in contact with someone who has had symptoms, you will likely be asked to self-isolate too.

Should the Government require us, the College has divided the site into smaller COVID households. These 'Household groups' are groups of students using shared facilities, such as a kitchen or bathroom. They are not related to social groups, and are purely based on accommodation. If someone in your household group has to self-isolate, then everyone in that 'household' must self-isolate too. This is the only time household groups will come into play. However, most 1 st and 2nd years have ensuite bathrooms and no kitchens. If you have an ensuite bathroom, you will essentially be in a '1 person household' and so will not have to self-isolate if someone else on your staircase or floor has to.

Provided social distancing measures are correctly followed and face coverings are worn, you can socialise with any student in College. International students should contact College for specific enquiries about arrangements for them. You can

Dining Hall and the Bar

Formals and dining in hall will depend upon the restrictions at the time. Hopefully, the hall will be open for you to experience, with the usual alternating MCR/ JCR guest nights on Friday, formals on Sunday and themed dinners on Tuesdays and Thursdays. There will also be early self-service options each evening.
The bar will be open! Depending on Govenment restrictions, perspex screens on tables and a reduced capacity may remain in the bar/buttery (cafe) in order to keep everyone safe.

Even if there are changes to this at the start of term, we are hoping to provide some sem­blance of College life when catering safely which can be built on if need be.

The Junior Common Room/Social Spaces

The JCR will be open this year! Possibly with a reduced capacity, but this again will de­ pend on restrictions closer to the time. If that does happen, more rooms will be available for undergraduate use, namely the Red Room and the Christopher Cox Room. In terms of sports grounds, we will still have access to the Weston Sports grounds and the university gym (dependent on restrictions) so there should be plenty to do!

The Library

The library will be open, with social distancing and protective measures in place depend­ent on Government restrictions.

Visitors to College

Visitors will be allowed under the usual rules! But this is subject to any COVID restrictions that may be in place at the time.

Freshers' Week

We have been working hard to plan lots of fun events for you, to replicate a normal New College Freshers' Week. Right now, it looks like a relatively normal Freshers' Week can go ahead, but this is completely dependent on Government restrictions. Whatever happens, we have several back up plans for all the events we have planned so that we are pre­pared for whatever the Government restrictions may be.

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