The Academic Affairs Officer aims to ensure that your academic experience at New College is the best it can be. This means ensuring your time studying is healthy, productive and tailored as much as possible to your needs and that you have everything you need to meet your academic ambitions.

If you’re having academic problems, don’t delay talking about them! To begin tackling the problems you could:

  • Talk to other students to see whether they are having similar problems and compare notes etc. Your College parents are also available and may have practical advice.
  • Let your tutor know as soon as the problems become apparent so they know what is going on. They may be able to offer advice.
  • Speak to the AcAff Officer who can offer advice and suggest other channels you can go through to deal with the problems. Definitely get in touch if you feel your tutor’s response was not adequate.
  • Speak to the Academic Registrar ( for any practical concerns you are having, for example about exam arrangements or special consideration.
  • The Student Advice Service is an independent advice service for Oxford students. They have a page with details and advice on academic issues and can be contacted to offer you further advice and guide you through your options.
  • If these problems are impacting your general wellbeing and happiness (or vice versa), there are a lot of welfare resources available to help you. See the Welfare section to explore your options. Remember you are not alone. Many of these resources are available to help with academic issues specifically as well as general welfare concerns. This includes the Cox and Salveson Fellows.

Information on the suspension procedure can be found here. You may discuss this as an option through all of the same channels detailed above. Please note that welfare resources are still available to suspended students.

All of your tutors have certain requirements they are expected to fulfill. If they are not fulfilling these let the AcAff Officer know and they will advise you on what to do so that you can make the most out of the teaching at Oxford. Your tutor is expected:

  • To coordinate and plan tutorials that cover your syllabus properly, or organise external tutorials if necessary.
  • To ensure tutorials have reasonable workloads, constructive feedback and manageable sized groups allowing you to fully participate.
  • To mark and return collections promptly and with feedback, ideally within two weeks of when they were sat.
  • To inform you of your progress, with termly reports and tutorial feedback.
  • To help and advise you when any academic problems arise.
  • To provide you with a reference upon request.

For further information on academics as well as lots of useful advice see the New College Study Guide

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