The College provides us with laundry facilities, located in the basement of Staircase 2 in New Buildings (2NB). You need to take your Bod Card in order to get into the staircase. There are washing machines, tumble dryers, irons, and drying racks. You'll need to pro­vide your own laundry powder though. You'll need a credit or debit card to pay down at the laundry room. A wash costs £2 and a dry £1.

The Library

The Library is the building resembling a nuclear bunker at the end of Holywell Quad. It's open from 8am until 2am, and houses most of the books you will need for your work. It also has a good selection of DVDs (non-academic) which you can borrow whenever you like. If the Library doesn't have a book you need, there are forms in the foyer that you can use to request for the librarians order it. The Library has ample space to sit down and work, including nice quiet study rooms. You will be shown how to use it, and also the library's amazing online services during Freshers' Week. Once again, it's the Bod Card that gets you in and allows you to take out books and access your library account. You can email the library at library@new.ox.ac.uk.


First off, note that the JCR means two things. It stands for the Junior Common Room; the community of undergrads that you'll be joining in October. There's also an MCR for postgrad students, and the SCR, which consists of College academic staff (like the governing body, fellows and tutors). You'll find out more about the JCR, its politics, and how to get involved later on.

Secondly, it's an actual room in College which has recently been renovated. It's got a 65" 4KTV with Sky+, PS4, Wii, Netflix, big comfy sofas, a kitchenette with free tea, coffee, milk and biscuits, a vending machine, a pool table and table tennis. A great social space, it's avail­ able for your use at any time for procrastinating and socialising.


Everybody has their own pigeonhole ('pidge') which can be found in the small room next to the Porter's Lodge. Here you'll receive any post sent to you from both inside and outside the University. For those wanting to send you stuff from outside, your address is 'New College, Oxford, 0X1 3BN'.

Anything that won't fit in your pidge will be put in another room, and the porters will leave you a laminated card. You can then take this to them and swap it for your parcel. If you want to send something to anyone within the University, inter-college post is free. Simply label an envelope with the name and the College (or Department) of the person and hand it to the porters. For the ordinary post (unfortunately not free), there is a postbox just after the glass bit where the porters are, as you come into Holywell Quad through the lodge.

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