Welcome to New College. Congratulations on your results, and we look forward to you becoming a part of our College community in October!

This guide is organised roughly chronologically taking you through the end of the summer, your first day, your first week, and then giving some general advice. We have tried our best to adapt this guide to possible Covid-19 related scenarios, however please check the 'Dean's Handbook' webpage (https://www.new.ox.ac.uk/deans-hand-book) for more up to date information. A more detailed section on Covid-19 can be found later in the Preparations section of the guide. However, the majority of this guide is based upon College life as we hope it'll be when things return to normal. It's worth giving this guide a read because hopefully many of your questions will be an­swered somewhere within these very pages.

Before you get here

At this point, we hope you'll be enjoying one of the longest and most work-free sum­ mers you're ever going to get. Enjoy it, and make the most of the time you have at home. You'll probably have lots of questions about what to do before you get here. You'll want to know what to expect in terms of work, and the social side of College life, as well as where you'll be living for the next 3 terms. We hope that this guide answers some of the questions you might have, and gets you excited for all that's to come on the journey ahead.

Why haven't I been asked to choose accommodation yet?

First off, don't worry that you haven't been sent anything about choosing accommo­dation. You'll be assigned a room, so don't need to sort anything out yourself. First year rooms range from the mediocre to the ridiculously good. You will all be living in New Buildings, which is one of the best, and most sociable, accommodation blocks in Oxford. Get in touch with Issie Richardson (our housing officer) if you want any info about your room at: isobel.richardson@new.ox.ac.uk. In your room, you will have a bed (most are singles but there are a handful of doubles), bedside table with lamp, a desk with lamp, a fridge, an Ethernet point and chairs. Most people will have an ensuite but if not, you'll have access to a shared bathroom. College doesn't provide bedding, so you'll need to bring this with you, or order it to be sent to College. You're also able to personalise your room in whatever way you choose (within limits!). Your room will be cleaned each week by a scout. They are very friendly, as long as your room is reasonably tidy when they come round.

You'll have access to our laundry facilities (including washers, dryers and irons), food in Hall, and IT and printing facilities. You won't have access to a kitchen, but it's still possible to make some food in your room.