What work should I do beforehand?

Your tutors should have got in touch to let you know what work they expect you to have done before you start, and you may have a reading list to work through. Don't worry if you haven't heard anything from them though; some tutors will not set any holiday work. Your subject rep, will probably have recommendations for books that are really important or suggest places to look for useful resources. You will be able to contact your subject rep through the Academic Affairs Officer, Katie Brooker. Don't be afraid to get in touch and ask them any questions.

Anything else I need to sort out?

Yes. Firstly, you'll need to fill in some forms that will be sent to you shortly after receiv­ing your exam results, including a passport sized photo for your Bod Card. You'll have this card for all the years of your degree, so make sure it's a photo you don't mind looking at every day. More on the Bod Card in a bit. Unlike a passport photo, you can smile for your Bod Card photo!

Secondly, there is a booklet of information about IT on the website, and it's a good idea to read this and sort that out all things IT before you arrive. It shouldn't take too long to set up your Single Sign On account and your access to Eduroam.
Your Single Sign On is a really important username and password combination, that enables you to access, among other things, your online library account (SOLO), Weblearn (Oxford's virtual learning site), and your emails.

It takes the form newcXXXX and the password can be changed to one of your choice. Make sure to write this down as it's easy to forget things in the hustle and bustle of Freshers' Week. You will also have to set up mutli-factor authentification for security purposes, but there is a really handy webpage that explains all of this: You'll also be able to access your Oxford email using your Single Sign On. Once set up, you can access it from Anyone will be able to email you on (If in doubt about other people's email addresses, you can search for currently active Oxford nexus email users here:

Eduroam is a Wi-Fi network that you can access from University buildings around Oxford, and at University campuses worldwide. It's worth bearing in mind that you do need to register your log-on and password for this before you get to Oxford because you can't do it over College Wi-Fi (although don't worry if you haven't, it does work over 3G). Eduroam has a different username and password combination to your Single Sign On.

I'm an International Student do I need to do anything differently?

As an international student, you will likely be arriving at College before the UK students, which will give you time to get settled living in the UK with the help of some events put on specifically for you. Dependent on travel guidelines and restrictions, you may have to quarantine in the UK before term begins. Also, a few things are on our packing list that you shouldn't bring with you, but should instead buy in Oxford. There will be an International Students Guide on the website but if you have any more questions please do get in touch with Sam Moore, the International and Overseas Officer (see page 32), or check out this University website:

Don't bring, but buy:

  • Kettle
  • Pillow and duvet (purchase online at and have them sent to the College before you arrive; a small number of rooms have double beds so check with the Accommodation Manager  ( before you arrive
  • Mugs, glasses,  plates, bowls, cutlery, etc.
  • Coat hangers
  • Bike

Phones in the UK: Since you probably won't be in the UK for the full year we recommend getting pay-as-you- go. Giffgaff has a nice offer with unlimited texts, 500 UK minutes and 2GB of mobile data for £8 per month. You can order your sim card online and have it delivered to College so you already have it before you arrive (YOUR NAME, New College, and Oxford, 0X1 3BN). For international calls, Skype/Zoom is a good option, or you could get your SIM card from Lebara, which has reasonable per minute prices for international calls.

Think about banking: You should check whether your bank has a branch in the UK or a cooperation with a UK bank. Otherwise, Oxford SU Freshers' Fair will give you the chance to chat to different UK banks if you're undecided. You'll also be able to set up a bank account there and then, if you have the necessary documents (A valid passport or EU identity card) and a student en­ rolment certificate (you need to get this stamped by College) and can ask the International and Overseas Students officer, Sam Moore email: for help with this.

Transferring money: If you want to pay your battels/tuition fees from a foreign bank at the beginning of term, we recommend using It will save you the complications that might arise from different currencies and additional fees.

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